Heart💔 Breaker

Tell your homeboy polish up his shoe game when trying to compete with Shaniki

You already know who the winning champion is
I already have a crowded standing  ovation when I walk in the room
Can you top that
Top-notch don't even bother to design any shoes when you coming up against Shaniki

Boohoo don't forget to grab a Kleenex when you walk out the door.
Don't get your heartbroken in the shoe world coming up against me
Don't get your heartbroken
I'll break your heart in the shoe world
Don't get your heart broken in the shoe world 
I'am break your heart
I'am break your heart with my shoes skills
 Don't let your own company door hit you in the butt when I  put you out of businesses with my break-in heart shoes skills
Hurt You
You going  to feel it all through your body especially the heart

Let the numbers sting you
You inherited some useful shoes skills by Shaniki
Making money is what I do
Watch those numbers numbers pile up
My bank account says rich rich
I'am not trying to be broke broke
Keep the money coming in
Can I buy you some shoes
You say you want to be up with the latest fashion
If you wear Shaniki shoes you don't have to 
worry about begin played
These fashionable, high ,classic
one of the kind shoes
I know you tired of seeing the same shoes
You should rock Shaniki shoes and you will never have to worry about
 the shoes begin played out
Can I buy you some shoes
Everyday when you wear those other shoes you worry about people making fun of you
You don't have worry about that when 
you wearing Shaniki shoes
Everyday you be trying to worry about shoes

 It's going to look right with any outfits that you wear
You don't have worry about that when it comes to Shaniki shoes
Break Your Heart When You Come Up Against Me

When It Comes To Designing Shoes

Is You Ready For Me
Or You Scared
Consider This You Scared

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