Nicholas Browning

I Remember

I remember well the evening air,

That blew in gentle waves.

I recall the lake alight,

And her brooding there -

Within mercy, as the beacon of all life's days.


I remember how she sighed,

As her thoughts soothed all but the meadow

That instead tuned in to her humming-glee,

Swaying aloof in the sunset's beaming yellow.


I remember now,

Her sheen unchanged -

As on her brow rested a smattering of shade

Bestowed by a whispering cloud, floating on.

It smiled for her, as she spoke to it,

Of her life, and revelry;

While bearing the weight of guilt,

And frailty.


She turned around, as if to say -

"Will you remember me?",

And before the words could leave my mouth

She collapsed, and withered away.


The meadow's mantle then ceased to flutter,

As the sunset's color lost its shine.

While the water hollowed in silent gloom -

I looked out upon her passing, and cried:

"Yes, dear Autumn. I will remember you."


  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful write Nicholas, I am always sad when autumn passes.

    • Nicholas Browning

      Hey Finch. I'm glad you stopped by! I agree. Autumn is a wondrous thing. Sad to see it go. Cause then we get Winter, and snow.

    • Nemo

      Beautiful relation with autumn, was a pleasure to read it 🌹

      • Nicholas Browning

        Well hello there Nemo, good to see you. I'm very glad you liked it.

      • orchidee

        A fine write Nicholas. Did ya remember that I turned up, started singing, and ruined everything?! Or did ya prefer to forget that bit?! heehee.

        • Nicholas Browning

          What have you done, my furry friend! Thanks for the visit 😀

        • Michael Edwards

          A worthy read - so well expressed.

          • Nicholas Browning

            Very much appreciate your saying so. A visit from the author of "Delphian Days" is always welcome. Thanks for the visit Michael!

            • Michael Edwards

              I feel so flattered that you should recall my earlier postings - just wish I had time to write more longer pieces but painting currently dominates.

            • Fay Slimm.

              An admirable rendering of the passing of Autumn and the eloquent personification Nicholas ...........

              • Nicholas Browning

                Hello there, Fay! Thank you very much for your kind words. You're very correct. Autumn in this sense is both a person and a season.

              • Maxine Smith

                A wonderful read, enjoyed very much.

                • Nicholas Browning

                  I'm very glad you enjoyed it, Maxine. Thank you for the lovely visit.

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