My Deepest Regret

I was praying of a love that wouldn't end

I let the darkness drain the light in my eyes

I was blind when I needed to see

I was deaf when I needed to hear

I prayed for a heart that never beat for me

Resuscitated a lifeless form of my body in the mess

t thinking that the devil you know was worth the stress

and was better than being depressed

thinking that i found love between these sheets

fell straight from above, to down on my knees

I let myself get in a state, where I was betrayed with my knees grazed

I never would have been in it but I guess i was too late

I let the sun go down without seeing the sunrise

I never woke up and smelled the coffee brewing

thinking that my soul mate was you when you're nothing 

thinking  it's only me and you' that I'm wanting 

for getting an ill brain from the blazing

for thinking being manic was amazing

being so extreme that i lost it

for not believing in the line when you crossed it

hearing you laugh in vain while I'm hospitalized and in pain

I'm not trying to play the blame game but you made me insane

having to repair by looking passed the frame our love was locked in

for giving my heart to a lame, following the flame of the shame that put me on a train straight back to you

being the dame of a play, that you would disclaim as I read your script that you claim rang solely the truth but the plot thickened in your love game


I wish I could've told myself  to step down from the stage and let you take the fame when you shout to the crowd 'how am I to blame!'

'Tell me Laura.. how can you live your own story when you're not the protagonist?'

'How could you hear the cars go past but not see the red flags?'

how could you be so naive and feel wealthy with a blank check you just cashed

for wanting to die faster and living life slow

the reality you've lived in paved a road to deceit

not hearing my mind tell me on repeat

that my biggest regret of all 

was giving you a part of me

that made me incomplete





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