I Could Lose it all to You

I know what’s wrong

And I know what’s right

But if I lose it all tonight

I’ll lose it all to you

There’s no one more that I trust to conquer this lust

So I’ll lose it all to you


You don’t have to ask

I know what I’m doing

Normally I’m not used to losing

I’m used to using

But that’s not what we’re doing

So tonight I’ll lose it all to you


We’ve come close before but I’ve never been sure of what this kind of love could do

I know that you’re nervous, I can feel you sweating

I know it’s all brand new

But tonight I know what I’m doing

And I’m doing this with you


As I flick off the lights

And lock the door

I know I’ve never wanted this more

Now as we cross all these boundaries

You tell me you love me

But not the same as before


When you slip off my shirt

So you can feel my heart’s warmth

I remember how your hands have been here before

You lay me down

And I run my fingers through your soft hair

I try to make this fair


I slide underneath

And you kiss my cheek

Ask if I’m ready and I nod my head

And suddenly it all begins

I hand it all over

I give you my hand

You squeeze it tight

I don’t know how this ends


My lips glide across your soft skin

Oh where have you been

I call out your name and then I let you in

It’s funny how we swore this’d never happen

I close my eyes

No regrets tonight


So with one hand on my thigh

And this look in your beautiful eyes

I let all my fears drift away

And with your skin in my teeth

And my body in defeat

I lose it all to you tonight


  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful erotic poem Evergreen.

    • Evergreen

      Thank you

    • XIdlepoetX

      Dope rhyme: I know what I’m doing / Normally I’m not used to losing!!

    • germanamericanchurch

      Very fluid and flowing - good poetry reading piece

      • Evergreen

        Thank you

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