Poetic Dan


For better or worse, I'm definitely this!


I'll be life of a party or wish I didn't exist


Lost in a billon thoughts of what I did


I enjoy what I have when no one's in it


Happiness is always past my limit


Control of nothing until my screen is lit


Wing every moment mindfully equipped


All or nothing still no balance within


A mind in a muddle with invisible string


Who am I but a ghost suspicious to most


Looking to redeem all that was lost


When never coming back to the paths


All this is just the top of the iceberg


Searching my soul for the hidden answer




  • Joker Wood

    You may not see;
    Heck...I may not even see myself,
    Just thought of saying this,
    Feels like a part of me is there by your side.
    How?...Who?...I may not Know;
    but I wouldn't think so Low.

    There are reasons that I may not be ready to know yet;
    Just that I am here and there...helping others to be free from their trap.
    Nicely done...but then
    it's not like somebody won...not that kind of sense.

    • Poetic Dan

      That truly made me cry my friend, thank you.
      I felt every word, much appreciated!

    • Maxine Smith

      Your present situation is not your final
      Has rough as the waves are, the sun will shine again.
      The waves smooth and rippling
      You got this.
      The journey is tough but it will make you stronger.
      Your writing is amazing so keep at it and keep riding those waves.

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