Maxine Smith

Not Enough

Burning my dreams of desire

Desire of mine denied

Comfort of safe companionship

Fizzles away in to the night


Dreaming reality asleep

Fairytales awakened and gone

For love I shall not take the leap

Always my bruised heart gets it wrong


I’ve crossed the oceans of courage

Like a bird souring through the sky

I crave what ceases to exist

A love that fly’s a thousand miles


The truth of the matter is

I am not wanted

I am not needed

I am not desired

I am not enough


  • orchidee

    Sometimes (a lot of the time?) it is circumstances we are in, that may cause us to think on these lines.
    Well, this is enough, this poem, and that's a fact!
    And what is enough, even after one song, is my singing! (so I say) heehee!

    • Maxine Smith

      Aw thank you Ochidee, and lightening the mood as always.

      Much appreciated.

      • orchidee

        I have sent a note to you Maxine (ooh!). It's not a song for choir practice though - phew! lol.

      • ZIGGY

        Hi there I love these lines

        "Dreaming reality asleep

        Fairytales awakened and gone

        For love I shall not take the leap

        Your poem resonates with me for sure I understand the theme, I guess its how alot of us feel in life now many thanks for the post, zigs

        • Maxine Smith

          Hi Ziggy.

          Thanks for the save.

          I’m glad you liked the read and sorry it resonates with you.

          ‘Not enough’ isn’t the nicest feeling to hold on to.

          Thanks for the comment and reading my work.

        • Nicholas Browning

          In my life I've been on the giving and receiving end of similar emotions and thoughts. It's a difficult feeling to bear, especially if you feel alone. I did enjoy the read, and I hope writing this has helped you in even the slightest bit.

          • Maxine Smith

            Thank you so much Nicholas.

            Glad you enjoyed the read.

          • Poetic Dan

            I've never felt enough, it sits down in my gut.

            Rots away saying nothing will ever stay

            This I know I a pattern given to me that I've carried on.

            Between your words and little gift, the message is clear

            Keep up our write and will find our light

            Thanks for sitting with my shadow and soul

            Giving straight from yours in even word you choose

            Much peace and respect
            Always appreciated

            • Maxine Smith

              It’s the pattern that’s hard to change, following the vicious circle of self doubt.

              Thank you for sharing.

              If we keep up the write, the weight becomes a little lighter.

              Thank you for the save.

            • markziff

              You're saying what I've been feeling for months now, sorry you've felt such. 😔

              • Maxine Smith

                And I’m sorry your feeling such emotions too.

                Hopefully you’ll pass this stage soon and onto a brighter path of self worth.

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