He believed in God when he was a kid but as an adult he had people and memories he needed to
Frogive and froget to get past a point of lingering
Pain endless tears countless fears that remain

As a young boy he was happy and free but what
Happened next refused to ever let him be, his
Dad's best friend a person the family could depend on went to far left a lasting scar

He told him that he was his special friend a
Person who he would share himself with a secret
Between the innocent boy who knew nothing of a
Spirit that was about to be broken, raped and taken forever misshapen sworn to secrecy

The flesh and mind was weak but in time and
Reflection grew up strong his preditor now was
Old and febel by now this young man was full of
Angry with thoughts of revenge sought him out

With eye on eye the old man broke down and cried, please please don't harm me now I am
Fagile and weak, an in response so was I just
An innocent boy you took my joy from me

He grabbed him by the throat and said I could
Kill you now but you've always been patatic and
Weak to seak the innocence of a child you took
My joy screaming these words at the old man he collapsed whimpering like a child this man turned
His back and said I have taken back my pride.


  • Maxine Smith

    Oh wow, painful to read.

    How anyone could treat a child as such, one of the most horrific things a person could ever do.

    The innocence of a child should be cherished not destroyed.

    • ZIGGY

      Hi there thanks again for the comment much appreciated, this thank God is just a theme totally made up its just my interpretation of how it might be I don't really enjoy writing on the more difficult themes but I refuse to ignore them either many thanks for the comment ziggy

    • Maxine Smith

      Your welcome.

    • Unsub


      fearless write as expected my friend.

      As for your spelling which we both know is the worst in the world makes the use of:

      Frogive & Froget

      totally hilarious in the middle of such a deep emotional poem.

      Great work in delivery, style, theme & execution but not spelling!! LOL!


      ps. because I rib you about your spelling I always double check my comments to you to avoid embarrasing myself with a typo in it!!

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