Monochrome Vision


Where are you going

Cute white rabbit,

Friendly grey turtle,

Little black scottie dog.


Which country

Did you come from?




Changing geographies

On tectonic whisps.


I guess you’re

In no hurry,

Moving slowly,

Getting to where

You’ve got to go.


I’m lying down

Watching your moves;

Even with eyes closed

I follow your progress.


Like a monochrome hallucination

You move and merge,

Morph and mysteriously

Disappear and

Reappear as new

Characters in your

Sky blue set.


  • Nicholas Browning

    This is trippy. Means it must be good.

  • PhilPoet

    Thanks for commenting.
    I guess at one level it is trippy...but it's about other stuff as well.
    I'm interested to hear interpretations because I think I lack giving enough clear guidance in my poems as to what on earth they are about 🙃

  • Nemo

    Haha, I am confused 😅

    • PhilPoet

      Haha! Success! (Or not).

      I must try harder to be more specific.

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