Brian & I were on a Cycling Holiday in France
Staying in Villages in B & Bs
We were walking through a Woods and just by chance
We saw a Church to shelter in ~ among the Trees
It was raining Chats et Chiens ~ it was in France !
And we were soaked ~ we were sans parapluises
The Church was Old but open was the door
And so we gladly stepped inside
And it was dark and unswept was the floor
The floor was very dusty and big cobwebs we spied
The Church had not been used for many year or more
And it smelt & felt like something that had died
We took off hats & coats ~ laid out to dry
And explored the Stations of the Cross
Such beauty left to rot ~ it made one cry
Baroque was broke O such a painful loss !
But suddenly the Sun lit up the Sky
And flooded through Stained Glass with an awesome gloss
And it was then ~ we heard the Choir
And ghostly figures round the Alter stood
AVE MARIA lifted ~ higher - higher - higher
We joined in with the singing ~ thought we should
And then it stopped ~ and vanished had the Chior
And we walked in the Sunshine through the Wood !
We asked our Host about the Church ~ back at the B & B
But she just smiled ~ and said *The Choir you heard*
Was very famous once ~ but there was a scandle in 1933
The Bishop closed the Church and all the Choir dispersed
They*re all dead now but they return ~ to sing Ave Marie
To tell us they*re in Heaven and not cursed !
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  • Zuzanna Musial

    Dear Angela & Brain.

    Such an impressive and a detailed poem. It sounds as it was meant to be that you visited the old Church. It was a very unique experience from what you described in the poem.
    Some churches had been closed as many stop being believers. Very sad. What really touched me was the smell that was musty smell like a someone has died. This is a wonderful experience and like I sad a wonderfully written, filled with your emotions, and some sorrow.

    " Baroque was broke O such a painful loss !" (your descriptive words).

    The AVE MARIA - was it real that you heard the choir or just your mystical imagining played there? - I am guessing, that there are possibility that one can hear the song, and other did not.

    Thank you for the fantastic experience in the Journey in France. I am so happy that you invite me to read.

    Great feelings embraced me reading your words.

    Thank you so much, your poetry are living words...BEAUTIFUL!!~ Zuzanna

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