Maxine Smith


Brand new place

Different pace

Overwhelmed and Unsure


Each and every different face


Unfamiliar territory

No more safety net

Terrified I Begin


Challenge my fears with each step


  • Nemo

    It's the fear of unknown, just remember this,that you on get that perfect shiny diamond after it goes through a process of rough grinding.
    Just leave your worries behind and jump right in 🌹

  • dusk arising

    Brave new world? But you are courageous for having put yourself there. First days were always a bit terrifying though we tried to hide it beneath a facade of being at peace with the world. But first days come and quickly go and soon you will warm to the new experiences and thrill to the discovery of new places and things to explore. Oh and theres that wisdom thing too, yep you;ll be getting wiser and more learned.
    All in all it's going to be worth it i guess.... what do YOU think ? LOL


    ANGELA HERE - Thanks for sharing MAXINE - Love the visual - Tne road ahead of you may be STRAIGHT (PROGRAMMED) Uni is like that - but its frull of Uncertainties. You are right to be scared - you need the ADRENILIN to keep you going ! Im 31 so I know 33 is a good age to enter into a New Phase ! I was 29 when I went to NEW ZEALAND for 15 months which involved Training to be a Hands On Physiotherapy Tutor with 5 Maori Trainees. I was 11,500 miles away from Brian - My Family & My Friends ! BUT I survived qualified and now I am back in the UK - qualified & working with six UK Trainees. Also Im getting married in APRIL which will be an even bigger hurdle - BUT Love is on our side and YOUTH (31 & 36). Every Blessing you are on our Prayer & Care List - AMEN !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Please check our poem today and
    our New Fusion *DESERTED PLACES* Thanks A & B

  • Goldfinch60

    Those challenges will be overcome and consigned to experience and your experiences will take you to that wonderful place - your life.

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