I Met a Poem


I dreamt I met a poem last night

And I asked her to open her page, as I felt a need to read her,

'For I have one or two issues', I said, 'that I really need to fight'.

I said, 'what do you have, to help me in my plight?'

She said 'read me my friend, I have many a trick that'll shine a light'.


'What do you have', I asked sceptically, 'and how can it all be of help?'

'Well...', she answered indulgently; 

'I have rhyme for one and I have  rhythm and words'


'Big deal', I retorted, eyes rolled up to the birds.

'How do you think they're going to help

When what I need is understanding?'

'Try to understand, my friend', she said, 

'I arrange them in such a way,


When you read them to yourself, or better out loud,

my rhymes, my rhythm and all my words, 

work together to penetrate your mind and

find a way, via your heart, to the depths of your soul'.


'You see, your soul is magic, but...

When it chokes in the dark, you get sick.

But when you read my words, you'll understand

you're never alone and that

you'll always find a way; just like the people of my words'.


'You'll feel rich and eventually be able to take your pick,

 From my friends who will help you, one by one, to open your eyes,

and see the light, appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, and that you are'.


'For example, my friend the grief poem will help you on a journey

through dark shadows, desperation, thunder clouds and tears ... to 

Twinkling lights in the sky that mesmerise, and hypnotise you

into a realisation that life and light still exist'.


'I have so many other friends too whom I could list, such as:

depression, anxiety, confidence and self worth, and uplifting nature poems.

For every worry, for every joy, I have a friend...

who can help you, hold your hand and see you through,

make you laugh, make you cry, bring you joy and hope'.


'And if you read me or one of my kind,

Or write me to share your woes,

I'll not be offended;

you'll join my club to help fight off all our foes'.


'I could say more because I'm an infinite world but

dont forget me when you wake;

searching will not take long as

I'm a tiny part of a universe of poetry. 

If you've something to share, get out your pen and

indulge your feelings and thoughts'...


She said, as I tumbled into REM.


  • Nemo

    This a great piece 🌹
    Very well described the therapeutic side of poetry ❤️

    • PhilPoet

      Thank you.
      I guess poets already know all this but it's an exciting discovery for me!

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