Nicholas Browning

Hymn of Apparatus

Unblemished white turns to grey

Sinking further into cement,

As a tiny lantern; a cigarette flame

Alights your steel pavilion,

Aluminum walls confine you -

Thoughts in the mind divide you,

Knowing well the silence will never come;

By the hand of a clock you'll be undone.


  • Lorna

    Oh peace shattered..... I know the feeling......

  • Teddy.15

    LOL brilliant Nicolas. So poetic.

    • Nicholas Browning

      Just trying to keep in line with the websites purpose and moral code xD

    • Paul Bell

      This is like the atomic bomb going off, and the guy going into his pocket bringing out a cigar, slowly lighting it, then wondering if he's covered for major catastrophises.

      • Nicholas Browning

        Riding the same wave just a different surfboard. I like it!

      • Munro

        You can’t even pay for peace
        At least deaths free lol

        • Nicholas Browning

          Damn straight it is. And I'm thankful for it lol

        • Robert Haigh

          Peace and quiet are rare commodities in these frenetic times.

          • Nicholas Browning

            You've got that right. It's almost chilling

          • yellowrose

            Makes me think of someone who feels trapped , and kind of overwhelmed in the mind , maybe ? Something interfering in your state of peace and calm ?

            Interesting way with words here

            • Nicholas Browning

              There's always something interfering, even it's me tripping myself up lol. Thanks for the compliment 😛

            • orchidee

              As you replied: Death awaits - when I sing! heehee. A bad hair day then?

              • Nicholas Browning

                It's always a bad hair day with me around!

              • spilleronsheet

                It surely is a masterpiece
                You really have way with your words
                It seems as if somebody was captivated by the rules of society that caged him until the soul freed up by the time
                When nothing could cage his soul inside
                Such overwhelming emotions pour
                That peace seems luxury now

                • Nicholas Browning

                  It is my personal belief that we all try to obtain freedom in captivity. Thank you for the kind compliment, I would like to think my way with words serves its purpose in the minds of others, and you guys help relieve the worry that comes with it. Thank you, Spill. Peace is a luxury no person alive can ever afford, it finds us when we need it most, and by the time we notice it, it's gone.

                  • spilleronsheet

                    Sure it is
                    Freedom a word of great men
                    Earned and left by great men
                    Yet we in our pleasures kept it playing outside
                    Childhood passed
                    Now we don’t know where freedom lies

                  • Garth Rakumakoe

                    Wizardry. Mystique. Urban legend like almost even. Dark figures in trench coats at night kinda stuff. Appearing to disappear and reappear. Maybe it's just me and my over-active imagination, lol. I think "dope" is the word hey. Well done brother.

                    • Nicholas Browning

                      I'll take "Dope" any day... hey wait a minute that sounds kinda bad doesn't it? xD
                      Thanks for the compliment Garth, that overactive imagination threw in a view I hadn't thought of and it was quite nice. A wizard is never late, nor is he early. he arrives precisely when he means to.

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