The Crocodile Warrior


The Battlefield Reeked of an Endless Number of  Decaying Corpses and of Fresh Crimson Blood that the Thirsty Earth Drank Greedily as there had not been Rain for many Long and Agonizing Months.

Crows Fought each other for the Carrion  even though there was much to Spare and Share amongst each other. Their Black Hearts and Gluttonous Greed however Flooded into their Minds and Caused the Crows to Wage their own War up in the Skies above the Devastation of the Recent Battle Aftermath. 

A Roar Scattered all of the Crows Leaving their Aerial War Unresolved for the Time Being. The Large and Battered Form of a Battle Weary and Wounded Crocodilian Warrior  Lumbered Across the Battlefield Amongst the Bodies of some it Fallen Comrades and some of its Fallen Adversaries.

His Left Eye was Pierced with a Steel Arrow and Blood Trickled Down from the Wound but he Paid it no Heed Dragging a Halberd Behind Him and  across the Parched Earth as he Stumbled along. His Jaws were Rank with the Stench of Flesh Taken from his Enemies during the Battle and Flies flew in and out of his Teeth Searching for the Rancid Meat.

His Scales were the Color of Desert Sand and his Eyes were Bloodshot almost like the Crimson Drops that Trickled from his Missing Eye. He wore no Armor since his Scales were already His Natural Defense along with His Body of Ripcord Muscle. The Only thing He Wore was a Ceremonial Battle Belt Across his Waist Decorated with the Large Shell of a Tortoise Painted Dark Green in the Back Ground and Decal ed with an Tribal Illustration of a Crocodile that was Painted Pitch Black.

He  Stopped Suddenly and Sniffed the Air then Growled Softly....There was One Enemy still Breathing.

He Stooped Low and Followed the Scent,Hiding Amongst the Dead as He Hunted for his Foe. He Lifted the Halberd off the Ground so not to Give Away His Position due to the Sounds of it Dragging Across the Coarse Dirt.

He Heard Whimpering and the Dragging of a Body that caused Dust to Fly into the Air and there were Flies Hovering Above the Wounded Prey.

He Found his Quarry and Smiled as he Stared Down at a One Armed Human who was too Busy Dragging his Broken Body towards Nowhere to even Notice the Threat Behind Him.

He Stood up and Raising his Halberd Brought it down Towards the Human. the Massive Weapon Buried itself into the Ground Only a Few Inches from the Humans Face. When the Blade Impacted the Ground, Only then did the Human look Behind him and Saw his Doom Approaching Slowly and Taking its Time to Revel in the Tormenting of its Wounded and Dying Prey.

The Human Tried to Increase the Speed of his Crawls but was Easily Overtaken by His Tormentor and Soon to be Executioner.

"CRRRAAAAWWWWLLL....." The Crocodilian Warrior Hissed Between his Teeth and gave a Cold Chuckle... "CRRRAWWWWLLL"

The Human Began to Shed Tears as he Tried to Escape but to No Avail. Finally the Crocodilian Warrior Tired of the Game of Following and Brought the Halberd down again but on the Human Left Leg.

The Human made a Ungodly Screech and Agonized Cry of Pain but Continued to Crawl away Muttering to Himself and Slowly Losing his Grip on His Sanity and Reality as the Overwhelming Pain began to Drive Him Mad. 

The Crocodilian Warrior Allowed the Human to Crawl a Few more Inches Leaving a Trail of Blood Behind Him before Bringing down the Halberd on the Human's Last Remaining Leg. 

Now the Human looked like a Legless and One Armed Thing Squirming Left and Right like the Offspring of a Fly. He gave another Cold Chuckle as he Watched the Human Squirm Helplessly then Brought the Halberd down on the humans Remaining Arm making the Human now a Legless and Armless Creature.

He Picked up the Human and Leaned in towards the Human Face then after Staring the Human in the Eyes Slowly Brought his Jaws down upon the Human's Head.

The Pressure caused the Human to Moan Quietly then out of the Silence came a.....


The Human's Head Broke Open like an Egg and all of his Brain Matter Spilled out onto the Crocodilian Warrior's Tongue as He Feasted upon the Human.  After awhile of Feasting on the Head, He Used His Claws to Tear into the Belly Ripping out the Thin Bleeding Entrails that Writhed Within.

He Cackled as He Gorged Himself upon the Human then after Dumping the Sorrid Remains of the Human' Corpse, He Continued his Long Trek Across the Battlefield just as the Crows were Returning to Feast upon the Flesh that was Exposed and being Baked under the Merciless Sun.




  • Author: UnderTheGreenLeaves (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 24th, 2020 16:19
  • Comment from author about the poem: This Piece is Inspired by a Role playing Game Model of a Crocodile Warrior that I Own and Matches the Description in the Piece. The Model has an Eye Patch so I wanted to Come up with an Origin of How and Why he Got an Eye Patch. This one is more Darker and Gruesome than my Earlier Literary Pieces so I Hope whoever Reads this has a Strong Stomach because it gets a "Bit" Graphic. (Understatement of the Day)
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  • Chandra S.

    Amazing tale with rich, vivid details that are both gory and engaging. Wow. Feeling breathless.

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