The SuperHuman Pill ( Customized OutCome Story)

The Pill in my Hand... it the First Ever Created in my Lab by my Hands and Mind Alone.
The Ingredients I Shall not Foreclose because the Pill in my Hands is Temptation made Material and If the Hands of the Most Worst of the World Acquires the Pill from my Hands whether it still be Warm and Living or Cold and Dying... then all the World Shall deal with a Human Imbued by the Most Miraculous of Powers but Whose Soul and Heart is Dominated by the Evil within. Seven Sins Made Flesh and Blood to Torment and Spread Fear and Death across this Earth.
This Pill in my Hands I Created for the Betterment of Mankind since the Inhabitants of a Galaxy not of our Stars are Slowly Approaching our Earth with Cannons Aimed at the Very Foundations of our Civilization. The Individual who Volunteered to take the Pill in my Hand I Pray and Hope His/Her Heart has Shred of the Rare and Valued Goodness of the Human Heart because if He/She took the Pill in my Hand and Becomes our Destruction instead of our Salvation then all is Lost because of me.
The Government has Declared a State of World Wide Emergency and Special Individuals both Famous for their Heroic Deeds and Infamous for their Villanous Deeds Prepare themselves for a War that none of us of the Human Race had thought would happen in our Reality but Stay in the Pages and Scenes of Science Fiction Novels and Films.
Rivals who have Fought each other in the Name of Justice or the Perfect Crime must Set aside their Former Enmity and Ally themselves against a Common but yet Impossible Foe.
The Pill in my hand seems to Grow Heavy as I sink into the Fears and Doubts that Plague my Conscience but I push them far back into the Darkness of my Mind and Approach the Volunteer Offering the Pill in my Hand which Shakes in Trepidation and Personal Fears.
"Here is the Pill in my Hands that Shall make A SuperMan/Woman out of you and Give you all the Powers needed to Face Against this Approaching and Unterrestrial Threat that Descends us Casting a Shadow across all of the Earth. Take it but Take it with the Heart of a Good Man/Woman or Don't Take it all."
He/She looks down at the Pill in my Hand and then looks me in the Eyes while His/Her hand Hovers Above the Pill in my Hand.
"How Long will the Pill and its Effects Last?"
"The Pill in my Hand has been Designed, Engineered and Produce to Create a Permanent Effect."
"There is no Cure or Antidote?"
"No. There wasn't Time to Create A way to Deactivate the Effects of the Pill in my Hand but there are no Side Effects that we know of. It should be Safe Unless you Allow Yourself to be Corrupted by the Pill in my hand and its Extraordinary Gifts and Corrupt the Pill itself with the Evil you might Awaken should you Take that Path...I Pray that you never do."
He/She Reaches for the Pill in my Hand as Sounds of Ships Descending onto our Town is Heard Faintly from the Windows of my Lab and Gunfire erupts on the Streets and Civilians Flee in Panic and Agonized Screams.
"What shall I Become once This Pill is taken?"
"Other than a SuperMan/Woman? I do not know...all I know that Once you Take the Pill in my hand and Allow it to Completely Change you then there is no Alternate Route and no Going Back. Are you Prepared to Take this Chance?"
Are You?

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