The SuperHuman Pill | Continuation. Refer to Part 1 |

The Effects of the Pill Began as the Sounds of a Number of Armored Boots Marched Toward the now Shattered and Broken Lab and a Harsh Voice Shouted out Commands in whatever Alien Language this New and Terrifying Enemy of Earth Spoke. The Scientist who Gave her the Pill that was now taking a Life of it own as it Seemed to Her as She Writhed in Pain and Agony Waiting for the SuperHuman Abilities that the Pill would Grant Her Once it Fully Entered Her Brain and Gained control of all her Bodily Functions was Dead laying on the Glass Covered Lab Floor with Several Pieces of Glass Shards Stuck to the Back of his Body. She opened her mouth to Scream in Pain but only Silence came out and She Could only hear the Approaching Alien Soldiers and the Rapid Beating of Her own Heart. Suddenly Her Heart Stopped and She was Consumed and Enveloped by Darkness. The Pill kept on it Journey to Her Brain but Separated apart of itself to work its way down to her Heart. If it was going be Bonded with this Girl then She will need to Sacrifice much and that would Complete and Total Control over Her Mind and Heart. But the Sacriface meant nothing as Compared to the Power that it Would Give to this Girl..... Intense and Merciless and almost Feral Power....Yes it Pulsed in Anticipation and Excitement.

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