Contemporary Roethke

Billions of silent, twinkling stars

Are popular in the night time sky 

With nowhere important to go 

The variables are provoked

Into dying quietly


I watch the world spin 

Like a lady wearing a dress

From the comfort of my abode 

As if I'm frozen in time 

I am the radiation burning skin


I've always got an axe to grind 

I have a new desire for revenge 

I'm dependent on the drugs 

Dreaming of a peachy paradise 

I adhere to the scintillating idea 


I had anticipated life would work out 

I couldn't have been anymore wrong 

It's comedy, gobbledygook

Otherwise I am mute or eating hospital food 

Like the young drunk infidel I am 


Nemec on a sea 

Breathing in the falling snowflakes

I feel giddy like a limerick 

Squeezing the white sap 

I've been thinking 'bout my salad days, school years 


I am a prophecy 

A bard at heart, seldom happy 

Pretty lonely like the Isle of Mull

Warm and sweating 

Stretching myself. 



  • yellowrose

    I really like your choice of words here ... Makes for an interesting and engaging read ! I especially love this line " I watch the world spin like a lady wearing a dress "

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