Should I?

Should I forget your face, bright as sunshine?
Your beauty that shades angel's divine;
Could I never see your smile so sweet?
No other’s can so knock me off my feet.

To pass a day without seeing you?
Chance prove my feelings true; Not think twice to win your heart?
Truly rends me apart.

Not see the way your hair dances?
Not feel your laughter warm the coldest;
Your voice rings though has darkness falls,
I know I cannot love you more?

Will I hold your heart or forever yearn?
I long for our lips again to meet;
Day’s saying how much I Iove you?
Or shall I your friend evermore hide these feelings of you?


  • yellowrose

    The frustrations of having " strong " feelings for someone .... Them on your mind , ... Hard to not want to tell someone how we feel , when we are so wrapped up in thoughts of them ...a lovely poem here ... Nice words

    • markziff

      Thank you. 😔

    • Adam Shirley

      Beautifully written poem Mark, the second stanza's structure is genius. Enjoyed reading your work.

      • markziff

        Thank you to say what you have make me feel humble. 😔
        All my poems are about the same lady.

      • dusk arising

        I was confused by the line in which you "long for our lips again to meet" which to me speaks of a failed love affair/relationship you cannot let go of. Whereas i see others have interpreted your piece as if written about a soul you have not yet declared your feelings to.

        Nonetheless, well written, fluent and enjoyable.

        • markziff

          Failed & can't let go so you're right. Maybe have a read of my others all about the same lady. 😔

        • BluebirdBlack

          Lovely poem.

          • markziff

            Thank you 😔

          • Dori

            this is so beautiful. Lovely words and I loved how you structured each sentence.

            • markziff

              Thank you, I feel humbled that my words are look on so.

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