Fucking Friends


Drop dead gorgeous.

She stole my heart and sanity instantly,


My knees froze,

& My eyes buckled,

my heart leapt towards hers and hers reached back out for mine.

Only mine was for a hug full of love and hers a was hoping for a high five.


Pulse check...still alive...


Just injured

Deer in the headlights

Duck hunt

Wounded bird

Banished to a no fly zone

All hope gone

As she reminds me

& I quote

“we’re just fucking friends.”


Having a friend never hurt so good,

But I stayed close and took what I could.

Her smiles

Her laughs

Her hugs

Her cries

Even gave her advice on how to deal with other guys.

But life moves on and so must I

Got a wife, a kid & became a whole family guy,

But since we skipped the dog I guess the dog decided to live in me.

I started doing shows and shooting arrows in the form of love poetry.

No big deal right?

These poems are about my wife.

At least they were until I saw her on the front row one night.


Pulse check.....still alive.


She has an opinion about the show and wants to tell me what she thinks.

Of course I oblige and tell her we can catch up over drinks.

I walk her back to her room and she tells me to come up so she can go down.

I wish I could say no but I make bad decisions on coke and crown.

First it was one night...

Then two

Then three

Then four.

It eventually reached the point where my manhood pushed open the door.

Five nights

Six nights

Seven nights


I was on my way to nine when she sent a text with an emoji that had a serious face.

Wondering what this woman was about to say to me

I read her next text asking what are we?

My knees froze,

And my eyes buckled,

I had to check my pulse to make sure I was still alive.

Then I responded,

And I quote

“We’re just fucking friends...”

  • Author: Bragee (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 30th, 2020 22:12
  • Comment from author about the poem: Still just stretching out my fingers Scribbling pieces as fast as I can in a series called love from other angles.
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  • Delilah

    love how clever and witty this poem is. genuinely a pleasure to read

    • Bragee

      Thank you for taking the time to read!!!

    • BluebirdBlack

      I really enjoyed the story to this!

      • Bragee

        Thank you so much for reading and enjoying. I look forward to exchanging more work with you!

      • Clara

        Keep stretching out those fingers my friend! Loving these.
        Life and love is far too complex for the standard love poetry... Great work!

        • Bragee

          The standard love poem has become so cliche I just want to put a different spin on it for entertainment purposes.
          Thank you for reading and understanding

        • markziff

          I so know this, time & again.

          • Bragee

            Don't we all

          • Neville

            wish I could say .. it happens.. but that would be a lie... truth is tho.. it used to happen...

            an interesting and enjoyable post ..


            • Bragee

              Such days must come to an end at some point in a mans life....as they should.
              Thank you for your time!

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