Sick To My Soul

Rose from your seed of love in my broken heart

Planted in my soul, is now a bare stick with thorns

Your love I survived from, but it's tearing me apart

I portray the same face everyday, but behind it I mourn.


Let me relive the heartbreaking day,

When I lost my breath as my sky fell heavy like black rain.

When I gave up hope & faith as my world cracked. In darkness my heart lays

The long heart-break I have managed, but this pain


I simply can't. There are no words to understand it

I am sick to my heart, I am sick to my soul,

My bare rose is keeping me together, bit by bit 

Meanwhile, slowly ripping into the tender bruise, now it's just a hole.


This is just a poem, it cannot describe the torment.

Words seems useless, my tears seems pathetic,

Let me relive the day. Cries and pleas will not stop this awful event.

I know now sadly, the world is just twisted and sick!!


Who I am to stop the world, 

I'm just a girl with a broken heart.....

Why listen to me? My eyes are shut whilst this nightmare unfurls.

Which is crushing my torn heart.      


  • Poetic Dan

    Wow, can't tell if this was to the whole world or just one but it felt unmissable!

    Always appreciated
    Much peace and respect

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