Cradle of dreams

Defined by my spent days
And where distraction draws me
Biting back at what gnaws on
My objections finds me weiry
And dwelling on lost purpose

Lacking control I'm nothing but an
Order of events that throws me in
Overlapping fraught directions, passive
In the all consuming tide

So I follow the sunset as it creaps across
Our globe as a constant silloueet, the
Outline of a man you never met fades
Into tomorrows that are never seen but pass

The light of dawn never shone apon pale
Reflections, till my dying hour my objections
Shall hold forthright through blight and plenty
Days that have never been known can't
Empty hope from a cradle of dreams.


  • Unsub


    sublime poem & those final two lines show why you are the most exciting & talented poet MPS has to offer.

    That all said you are definetly the worst speller on MPS! LOL!

    Silloueet = Silhouette

    You know you should have spoken to your editor first!

    Great work my dearest friend.


  • Maxine Smith

    Stunning, captivated by every word.

    Well done Ziggy.

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