You Are Not Alone

As I am just a picture 

on the wall, is my place to be 

Looking over you in this moon light, 

my heart weeps whilst I’m watching you dream of me. 

It’s heartbreaking to see you cry in the cold nights

Tears come, by hearing the same question, in the dark

The same plead, the same wish, every time.

Just a piece of paper is all that I am but a piece of gold in your heart, 

I listen to your prayers as the brand new day chimes

You reach for my face; the sheet of the dissimilar worlds gets in the away. 

Ear to ear grinning as you see the carousel of dreams

You go inside of the daze of dreams, no light of day. 

Wondering what dream to take, turn it into our scene, 


Filled with…… 


No worry, no doubt, only running though daisies in play. 

Sound of our hearts beating together. No body else…… Just you and me! 

Dancing until the last sunbeam fades, before the stars are dancing in the background. Twinkling in the warm breeze…  

With us. 

This moment is trapped in my heart, 

locked with a key, this lays safely in your hand, 

Until the end of eternity… 



I love you 



  • Unsub


    mature poem from a mature head.

    Enjoyed your ability to craft with such emotion.

    Good stuff.


    • Ajon4wheels

      Thanks for your great comments

    • Ivory

      So many different emotions you covey in this piece,beautifully expressed.

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