I love you

He kissed me again and walked down the street.

This wasn’t a lovey-dovey moment,

like the ones from movies, the songs,

stories I was told many years ago.


It was filled with the passion, the pain, the pleasures of being in love.

That is the love he gave me, wrapped me in in rope,

showered me with sorrow, consuming all of me.

His mind, connecting to my heart, pleading for entry to my body,


I wake up alone.


Am I the bitch that that drove him away?

For good reasons, I hope?


My soul was hurting for an answer, as

I forfeit my toe, for balance, knowing

there will be no control over him.


I will give up my sanity, what’s little of it that is left,

knowing, he won’t be there,

to pick up the broken pieces.


He wouldn’t settle, neither would I.

That epic love only comes once,

but the first one must love themselves.


One day...



  • dusk arising

    Beautifully written exploration of your feelings here. So seldom seen this maturing evaluation of what love could be whilst accepting it wasn't there this time.

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