Beating At The Door

My broken-heart is beating at the cold door

All I can do is silently watch with tears

Knock, knock, knocking, leaving me crying on the floor

My heart is too hurt and broken to understand, I fear.

Beat, beat, beats on the hard barrier that I closed

Ignoring the dead end on the beautiful route.

It was beautiful with sunshine everyday, but you were too exposed

Thump, thump, thumping pain around my body, telling me that I'm a brute

Second by second my heart erodes on the painful blocked passageway

Hit, hit, hitting the blood splattered door as it cries

My words are broken too it knows, a chance not obey.

Words, words after words, darting back at me they fly

Leaving me speechless because they are fake and untrue.

Curled up with my bleeding heart on the carpet,

Suffocating it by knowing I have to stop loving you.

But my heart knows I can not forget.  

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