Night and Man

“He yelled at the top of his lungs, to the heavens ‘I’m free’”


Night bleed blue, that hits the surface and turns red,

spreading destructive affection

through the soil,

while breaking bread

with the soulless bodies entrapped within.


Night passes slowly through the sky,

echoing and cursing

the living.


An old man,

sips his tea,

tapping his toe.


Inhaling deeply one last time,

he begins to slips away,

shushing the night sky as if it will

respond back.


Night stares at the man,

while he starts to see the black thicken within

the back of his mind,

his thoughts start to lead him to a light,

that he simply does not trust.


His ear drums clapping the world away,

chest tightening around his heart,

opening the door for his soul to



Night knows not

what it feels likes to be


but it knows

life is




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