Simeon Malcom

Over the years you were followed by disaster

one thing that will always remain were our days filled with laughter

I was your go to, your number one

I would always try to find a way to make any situation fun

Or so I thought, maybe I wanted to believe


This is so surreal what you have done

Our last words will forever haunt me

I did not want to leave you in the dark

The weight I was carrying was much too heavy

But now there is a new weight I carry


Fragile is the mind

I was there while you were slipping away, and I couldn’t try harder to get you in the right mind to stay

There was no time for a savior

I could not be your savior


Fragile is the mind

I am no healer, I offered a ear to listen

I had my suspicions, but the only thing I had to offer was an ear to listen

I could not be your savior


I am at a loss for words that can never be found

My friend I know I have let you down

I saw the signs and did nothing but give you an ear to listen

So fragile was your mind


I know you thought I was turning on you in your last days

But I had nothing to offer, not even a place to stay

You told me I was your best friend with confidence

With that I feel I am holding the biggest consequence


It seems like just yesterday you called me to that bench

I wonder where all that time has went



  • Author: Chicha (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 3rd, 2020 23:51
  • Category: Friendship
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