I don't know

I don't know why modern art sucks

why respect is now only playing a part

why butterflies are chased with butter knives 

why loyalties and lovers don't hold hands

why the cat searches for a spat after a sharp suggestion

why a room with a view can entrap you

why just a child's smile can return youth


I don't know why the free bird squawks 

why toddlers are told to take a seat

why Calla Lilies insinuate plasticity to me

why water tastes like distilled mud

why the fly trap flaps faster than thoughts

why coping is considered a countermeasure

why inordinate sleep induces me to slumber


I don't know why space feels like the sea

why soiled air makes sunsets pretty

why wilting daisies urge me to cry

why the bird only poops on el blanco de coche

why responsibility in intimacy is labeled liability

why a four leaf clover is seen by so few

why a life so new just couldn't make it through



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