Gary Edward Geraci


floating condoms, the defining

moment of the wastewater plant

field trip, the hands of the plant

manager, our tour guide, pointing

out the human population’s gift.


the city of Austin, late nineties,

our donor base at the time, had

been reduced to this great pool,

of top floating memorabilia.


tokens regularly assaulting

the system clarifiers, it

was explained, a plug of condom

infused wastewater alternating


with currents of beer content on

game days or from certain southern

sections of the city, he surmised,

one or the other, I can’t be


to sure which one for certain, but

truly, the take away for most

of us, had to have been the sheer

number of air infused balloons;


floating prophylactics swirling

and bobbing and being collected,

segregated, culled out, and shed;

fit not even for the Dillo dirt.


Gary Edward Geraci


  • orchidee

    Anything related to your R.C. background in this?

  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Yes. Contraception is a sin according to the Roman Catholic perspective Orchidee. And I am the biggest sinner of them all O. Thank God for His even larger acts of mercy.

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