ain’t that girl

I ain’t that posh girl who has everyday make up on
I ain’t that emotional girl who cries every time she breaks a nail.
I ain’t that reck of a girl when that worthless boy is gone
I ain’t that crying girl when he decides to bail.

I ain’t that ingenious girl who has a plan B
I ain’t that organized girl who makes thousands of lists
I ain’t that supermodel girl that you idolize on TV
I ain’t that rough girl sort out fights with her fists

I am this stubborn girl which has a beating heart
I am this loving girl which actually cares
I am this strong girl which has been there from the start,
I am this open girl which gladly shares



    ANGELA HERE - Hi Ajon - Thanks for sharing this Poem it sure puts you into perspective. Your poem has great structure ! Three neat rhythmic quatrians with a consistent Rhyme pattern abab etc - excellent ! The content amplifies the title. V 1. & V 2. sure tells us what you ain*t ! Posh - Emotional - A Reck - Crying - Ingenious (with plan B !) - Organised - Supermodel ! Great list sounds a bit like Im NOT too - but I am organised - Physiotherapists have to be ! V 3. informs us what you really are: Stubborn & Full of Heart - Loving & Caring ~ Strong & Reliable - Open& Caring - WOW 8 great Traits an achievement @ 27. Im getting Married in April (im 31) to Brian (36) and they are just the eight Traits which will make me a great Wife. It pays to be STUBBORN @ times. Great POEM - Thanks !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Yours ANGELA 💛💛💛
    Please check our site - Thanks A & B !

    • Ajon4wheels

      Thankyou for your kind comments and congratulations


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