From Darkness to light


The darkness was infinite as darkness is but this Darkness was void of sound smell and feeling there was no cold there was no heat just darkness. He called out to the darkness and the Darkness answered back not by things that were there but by things he needed there. All the voices and sounds amused him but that was not enough he wanted more so not knowing anything but Darkness he cast out the darkness with with four simple words. Let there be light. Before him light spread out Across the Universe at first it was all light but then it's the lights moved away and took form the darkness filled in the gaps between. He called out again and this time the voices took shape misshapen forms some like demons others like angels no one form nearly shapes of Order & Chaos. He called to them to step forth and surrender their names. But they had no names for they did not know where they came from or even what they were so he named them one by one. Some of their names struck out Across the Universe like thunder shattering world's exploding Stars creating holes of Darkness that even light cannot Escape. Those forms he cast out back into the darkness naming them demons. Other names as they ring out from his lips created life much like their own forms he looked at them satisfied and called them gods. Then other names merely filled the Darkness between them. These would be the Servants of the Gods and the gods would serve him. The gods look to him and asked and what shall your name be? And his voice right now with such Force is that all bent the knee as he said I am Yashua I am your father. And what is our purpose father they asked he said merely to serve. The father looked out Across the Universe and he was happy with what he had done but with all the light and the Darkness it felt empty. So he said to them my children go out in the universe and create life and they did. All forms of life began to fill the universe but as he looked over his children what he saw brought him great sorrow. There was no love and no mercy merely animal instinct each each creature feeding on each other nothing more than predator and prey she called out into the darkness once more calling her children back. I will show you the way.

  • Author: Mugsdaddy (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 9th, 2020 01:57
  • Category: Fable
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