Cosmic Reflections


A sense of wonder, utter reverence ‘n awe

Escapes only the blind to behold marvels

In clear night skies, studded with a trillion

Galaxies, each holding a trillion twinkling stars

Rendering numbers futile

Leaving minds numbed, lost

Only egos dare claim to know


Defying reality, time, space

To awe earthlings, shrimps ‘n beasts

With no more to the majesty arrayed

Than a peek into antiquity coming alive

Rocks, pebbles, boulders mountains

Mammoth to humans, but real colossi dance in silence


Such celestial immensities

Sheer poetry ballooning

Human minuteness ever dwindling


If all seem like specs, what would we be?

Fiery, perchance freezing airlessly

Or dancing scorched, twirling eternally

As planets circle their suns, some packed with life

Moons circling their planets musically

Cosmos swelling giddily, hyper fast


Humans left to surmise

Of majesties beyond

While busy mashing selves


As vision’s enhanced, with Hubble in space

A tiny heavenly spot before, now unveils countless

More galaxies ever more distant, strange

Deriding our impotence in grasping hugeness

As we tacitly declare sloppiness

Creating gods to worship self


Each time we think

We know, unveils the little we know

As hollowness swells


Struggling to yearn

Of celestial largess

Floating to serve endless greed

Bottomless pockets to swell

Left talking possibilities

Negating impossibilities


Cues to turn our minds’ Hubble inward

Toward fading essences, inflated egos

Turning selves into mirrors

Reflecting outer marvels into inner ones

Wonders crying for love

Waiting to be seen, to be felt


Alas, multi-verses await those with eyes

To feel essences, soulful rhythms

Ears fully synced with silent symphonies

Sung by cells, nerves, humors, atoms, working

In wholesome balance with internal tempers

Striving to be at one with kindred exteriors


A continuum sensed by few

That shun harm

On fellow man


Knowing that identical blocks building universes

Build all else, humans too … unity in diversity

Those yearning lives of peace, not deaths by war

Knowing that marvels inside equal those out

Trillions of cells, harbor trillions of atoms

Obeying universal gems of wisdom


Aces of design

Tiny veiled elements

Selflessly serve


Obeying Nature’s decree of harmony

Balance, poise ‘n life, till death do us part

Rejoicing life, unique to this planet

Craving kindness, common sense, love ‘n sanity

Each touching, reaching, seeking kinship

Fountains of affection, springs of hope


Till we meddle

Playing god

With Nature


Give me love, to win a world

In return, share my own

With those in need

Of love now scarce

A dying breed

Now rendered farce


Dreaming of peace

‘N food morsels well earned

For a belly easily filled

And a heart morally fulfilled

Eschew harm unto others

Needing care not hate



© Alwi Shatry, All Rights Reserved, 8 February 2020

  • Author: Seek (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 9th, 2020 07:41
  • Comment from author about the poem: Miracles aplenty, without the need for cosmic journeys millions of light years away. A peek inside ourselves and voila!
  • Category: Reflection
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  • dusk arising

    The wisdom of years woven here into a very pleasing read.

    Everything was fine until humanity arose. Then humanity invented the need for a god, one true god. Leaves you wondering if it was the same god who looked upon the dinosaurs.

  • Seek

    Excellent question to ponder. In the world I (maybe we) live in, the line between the real and the virtual and that between truth and falsehood has become increasingly blurred. When they are slowly but surely chipping away at our right to shape our own world views, living in a real world becomes ever more challenging. Your visit and comment is truly appreciated, da. Thank you Sir!


    BRIAN HERE ~ Good Evening Seek ~ Thanks for sharing this epic Poem of about 115 lines on a topic *COSMOLOGY* dear to my heart ! I am a BIOCHEMIST but also a committed Christian so I find a major flaw in Mechanisitic Evolutionary Science. Mechanistic Atheistic Evolutionists assume that (for which there is no evidence) Life created itself spontaneously on Planet Earth from inanimate matter ~ atoms & molecules of biochemicals. Amino acids - sugars - lipids (fats) etc. Their argument is *There is life on Earth ~ therfore millions of Years ago it must have arisen spontaneously rather than it being created specifically bya Divine Being ~ GOD*. They also predict that *If the conditions are right* LIFE will arise spontaneously on other planets orbiting their own Suns. Some predict there will be millions of these Planets in the Universe despite total lack of evidence. You hint at this possibility in LINE 20 :

    As planets circle their suns ~ some packed with life !

    Poetic licence OR Evolutionary surmise but no evidence ?

    Then again in lines 30 & 29 frorn the end :

    Knowing that identical blocks building universes
    Build all else, humans too ... unity in diversity

    These statments of *LIFE* being logically common & universal in the Cosmos is however contradicted in line 19 from the end :

    Rejoicing life, UNIQUE to this PLANET (EARTH)
    Are we talking here about LIFE in general being UNIQUE
    or just MAN (H.Sapiens) being unique !

    I love this Poem but Im just raising the Philosophical / Religious question about Man / Intelligent Beings being UNIQUE to Planet Earth ~ because God created them here ~ or arising spontaneously from a fortuitous mixture of Organic Chemicals and the right environment. I appreciate your Poem is not intended to be a Philosophical or Scientific Treatise on the Origin & Nature of Man ~ but Im just sharing some thoughts on isolated statements out of context ! Incidently if you consider the distance between an ELECTRON and the SIZE of the UNIVERSE then an ADULT HUMAN COMES EXACTLY IN THE MIDDLE ! So we do have some COSMIC significance ! The above is not Negative Criticism simply Positive Observation ~ OK

    Blessings & Peace to YOU & YOURS
    Yours BRIAN & ANGELA 💛💛💛

    • Seek

      Brian and Angela, your thought provoking comments and skepticism on some aspects of my poem are much more appreciated than you may realize. Regardless of the nature of your comments (positive or negative criticism), for me they reflect the diversity - at times divergence - of world or cosmic views held by humans. It is in such divergence and diversity of opinions that I believe to be crucial to the growth of knowledge and learning. It would be presumptuous of me to claim any solid expertise on either cosmology or divine intervention on life here on earth or elsewhere. Still, even in my minuscule and insignificant life span (which is how I view myself) - and that is by personal choice - in the context of the much larger scheme of things, I have witnessed evolving concepts in both religiously and secularly inspired world views. To my knowledge and in fact vastly different from when they first entered human consciousness. The universe as we are given to understand and appreciate it, is - in my humble view - mostly a product of the scientific method. Our understanding of the cosmos and the place of humans in it as shaped by religious or scriptural precepts going back to their earlier/nascent stages stand in stark contrast today to what they are in the modern era. In fact neither epistemic foundations have remained rigid over the millenia of human existence.

      Be that as it may, and granted much of what passes as scientific theorizing may not be entirely based on verifiable evidence, pursuit of the scientific method will continue to inform a significant portion of humanity. But in such scenarios of weak evidence, scientific culture would reject such hypotheses if fresh evidence were to refute them. Religion cannot be said to be as reliant on verifiable evidence. In fact religious dogma suffers the same weakness as weak scientific hypotheses in not requiring any evidence to recruit millions of adherents willing to put their lives (and that of others) on the line for their beliefs. History is more replete with such instances in matters of religion than in matters of science. Thankfully, gone are the days of heretics being burned at the stake for their dissenting beliefs, an unlikely misfortune befalling holders of dissenting scientific views.

      Long story short, I believe it is a matter of individual choice as to what we hold close to our hearts as the basis of our view of the cosmos and our place in it. I really believe that I must respect those who choose to invoke a deity to support their world view, if my own disinclination in that regard is to be respected.

      As for the uniqueness of terrestrial life forms, I make no apology for my stand. If for no other reason than that for me it is not necessary to invoke a deity to support that stand. The abundance of genetic diversity reflecting uniqueness of species requires little further verification. And especially given the purely speculative nature of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms. Evidence or no evidence, what life forms may (or may not) exist out there invites much speculation and the imagining of possibilities. My sense of awe in the immensity of the cosmos will remain aroused with unrelenting passion. And that is a choice I make and do so consciously. In all sincerity, give me your critical comments and I will forever remain grateful to both of you for challenging my assumptions and opening doors to my growth. Yours are among the most instructive comments on my work. Meanwhile my admiration for your work output that I shared with you in an earlier comment remains unchanged. My very best wishes in your coming wedding vows. Cheers!

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