To my soldier

The pain in my eyes,

Will be my lies demise,

I try to make it hide,

Allow the hurt to slide,

But your absence is sickening,

Every day it’s you that I’m missing.


You say the look hurts,

But when you leave my heart bursts,

I don’t want to burden you,

I know part of you is hurting too,

But it’s beneficial To your future,

So it’s a hit I’m going to swallow.


Every day without you becomes more hollow,

I try my best not to wallow,

I don’t tell you my struggles.

You tell me the look rips you apart,

Don’t ever let me come close to breaking your heart,

I will swallow the pain,tears and fears,

In return for your smile to stretch from ear to ear.


We faced a few storms,

A few people we have had to morn,

But we sailed through together,

Survived all weather,

Thunder buddies for life you and I,

As you return to your “9-5”.


My sadness could be taken as luck,

You’re the only person in my life to ever give a fuck,

And that’s why it pains me so much to say,

I love you more now than yesterday.


  • Barry Hodges

    Sadly the urge to kill and maim their nation's perceived enemies blinds soldiers to the feelings of their families. They simply have to go off and commit murder. I feel sympathy for you.

    • brhodes

      Not really, my friends a medic and she saves life’s.
      Every time she leaves she tells me how it hurts her.
      The army believe it or not helps the nation, although it might be a catalyst of death, it also saves lives

      • Barry Hodges

        The army saves lives? What rubbish. Soldiers KILL. It's what they do for their stupid nationalistic countries. It's what they are trained to do. It's what they LOVE to do. The only good soldier is a DEAD soldier with a bullet in his tiny brain. If medics refused to treat wounded soldiers and soldiers knew they would always DIE if wounded, then the silly sods might stop the killing and murder. But maybe not, as throughout history THICKO psychopathic men have loved killing each other and now brainless violent warlike psychopathic women can get in on the act too. I have visited the war graves in France and seen the stupid crosses symbolising the pointless waste of human life: thousands murdered for NOTHING except their worthless flag and fat-arsed monarch. Even today the UK sends hundreds of ignorant, ill-educated young men, led by chauvinistic, chinless MORONS, to die for money and pathetic dreams of worthless patriotism. YUCCH!


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