John Snowdon

Hazy Went the Dark

Today, the first:

All time begins with cares, today gave its last trappings and tricked once more

Sat myself, the Other pressed and staring back, the first, the second, the real.

The night mares are bound to the depths below.

But when I looked back it was gone and I was alone.

The moment tricked the clock. A moment stood, nearly past came the before witching hour,

Drew its breath and set its teeth, both hands off, the shadow primed to silhouette;

Hazy went the dark, towards the garden door, true shades of blackness in the guarded light,

And in that darkness she saw me.

A minute so, then crossed the room, across it felt, pressed extreme positions; my retreat, fate to pause, the rise and the fall and the what which trailed after.

Night Came:

The turning out of another moment, fainted gloom in the misty gray,

Tomorrow followed night.

Black waiting forming faster in this still.

Sounds so filled with strange confusion cloud the mind, to this afraid, the night forms easy.

Still hazy went the dark, what course to cure, so quick to follow,

This feeling: the pull, the orbit, gravity governs every road.  Headlong motion strides the wheel.

This feeling: the drive, the drift, the direction; increase the speed of my travels.

Night followed day, black winged dim light would fall from me should the sun so hop; should it show or should it hide forever?

Hazy went the dark, the sweetest blooms come from sour nectar.

This moment now, chance stolen across the sky leaps quickly, every moment marks the future,

She said she liked the way the sadness feels.  At least a little.

But the night forms greedy in the light, afraid of it’s shadow

The point destroyed into open air, dim impressions moving by,

Misty landscapes to these vague hills upon this shape where her house still stood and stands.

Where risk lay in possibility not probability.

In peculiar shapes since set in motion sped through this slipping vapor now traveled evolved,

Each step split one into two, molecule into cells, blood to marrow, atoms into contact; conflict!

Closely now the obstacles came and still come.  A blow onto myself sprung forth the unknown

The possibilities….

Again and again, the unknown now cheerfully accepted, the risk unavoidable, bare and raw

This risk was necessary. This risk was humble. This risk, inevitable.

Burn now with it scorned, but I never saw it coming until it was too late!

Hazy went the dark until the dark drowned and the haze had burned away.

Next came the cheer: then the light, the fact, the pull; the strangeness.

The jarring sway above it all.

Falling free and free from the fallen, touched by fire steeled my nerve.

I told myself I’d never stop. Not ever; the real forever. I reminded myself I’d make it burn,

To cinder, to ash, In great heaping clouds of black tar soot, the first symptom of regret.

It just wouldn’t light..

Dance now by blowing winds when nightly gales brought forth the mighty.

And in the dark chapters, the night dies pulled and reeling, she bites her lip in indignation.

Last traces flung headlong and scattered on the floor. 

Charging forward ever forward through the soft, the self, the garden door…

They come just to go and they go just to come…

So hazy went the night with dust tails trailing after.


  • Fay Slimm.

    Such a compelling haunt of a read with `imagery to sigh for as the glimpse of new love saunters from dusk to turn haze into light and then changes to real back to dark chapters again - - top drawer writing is "Hazy went the Dark" - thanks for the taste of pathos wrapped in poetically potent skill - - a pleasure to read your posting John and look forward to viewing more of your work.

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