With each turn completed I fall deeper below

Sucked into the spiral of never-ending demise

Its grabbing hands pull & drag me further inside


Vinyl black placed upon the deck

With shaking hands I drop the needle

A DJ with an audience of one

Just one track & it will be done


Play me Gloomy Sunday

Take my sane thoughts away

Break the cycle, set me free

Sing me Gloomy Sunday

Just to hear it for the first time today


Sing me Gloomy Sunday

Make my suicidal intentions stay

Destroy the loop, set me free

Play me Gloomy Sunday

Just to hear it for the last time today


With each full rotation I become hypnotised

Swept into the whirlpool of suffocating Hell

Its jaw clamps tight capsizing me into the swell


My hours are slumberless…

Dearest with the shadows…

Sorrow has taken you…

With shadows I spend it all…

Soon there’ll be candles…

Death is no dream…


Vinyl black placed upon the deck

With shaking hands I drop the needle

A DJ with an audience of none

Just one play & I will be gone


© 2020 Unsub


  • orchidee

    I dunno about suicidal, but somewhat old anyway - record player? Though they seem to be coming back now.
    I got an odd look asking for VHS cassette tapes in a store.

    • Unsub


      I have collected vinyls since the late 70's & still do. I have just received the latest Pet Shop Boys album on CD, Vinyl & cassette!!


    • Goldfinch60

      You must have two plays as you have not heard my record player yet, it is waiting for you!


      • Unsub


        I shall pop over for a Gloomy afternoon with you soon.


      • Alan .S. Jeeves

        All this spinning round is making me dizzy Dan. Nice work though.
        Vinyl? some of my records are shellac and race round at 78 rpm.

        Ex animo, Alan

        • Unsub


          can't beat vinyl. Keep on spinning!


        • FredPeyer

          The metaphor of the record player is great. "A DJ with an audience of none" seems to apply to all of us sometimes. Well written!

          • Unsub


            sometimes an audience of none is all I need.



          • dusk arising

            Leave that DJ business to someone else, keep writing and performing. I suspect many DJs these days don't play vinyl anyway. I still have all my old Vinyl and a superb turntable/arm though the cartridge has seen better days... but where can you read reviews of cartridges these days... i wouldn't know what to replace it with. I digress.

            Delightfully sombre words from you again. Each rotation hypnotises until the track is over when, assuming you don't have one of those auto decks, the repetative 'click ... click... click' begs you to get out of that chair and attend to the contraption.

            • Unsub


              you'll be surprised how many Proper DJ's do indeed still play vinyls.

              Check out various audiophile forums for latest info on all record decks & cartridges & needles. Someone will be able to help.

              I enjoyed the sombre mood & whilst writing was listening to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds to set the moody mood.

              Thanks as always for your input.


              ps. Just read a comment you left on a Valentines poem - perfect! LOL!

            • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

              So you are a deejay as well...or you may have been talking from somsone elses point of view..i don't recognize shit wrotten backwards normally..i can only write from my own viewpoint...or maybe its just because I have no interest to write from.someone else's..tbat could be it too..lol. Loved it again

              • Unsub


                I have a few talents although rarely expressed in poetry but I can soon a few discs.

                I do sometimes write in the first person but that person isn’t me. It adds to my confusing if writing & does cause some interesting comments!


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