My Library

It may not be,
as big as the greeks,
or modern like the one,
in Germany.
It may not be as beautiful,
as the one in Rome,
or as tall as the one,
in Argentina.
My library is small.
It's shelves,
are but taped cardboard boxes.
it is filled,
with classic books,
and information guides -
from, 'The Pilgrim's Progress',
to the architectures,
of Western Pennsylvania.
It is not a big Library,
but it is the fruits of my labor,
and it is always growing.

My library is an aviary,
filled with books flapping their papery
wings; ready to whisk me away into imaginary
islands of fact, fiction and mystery.
My library is my armoury,
filled with books brandishing their literary
swords of knowledge.
I pick one and let it stab me till I'm free.

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