Poetic Dan

Please join me as Poet has passed

I'm doing this freely because every thought makes cry, trying to rap my head around why!
5 years ago I joined this site, soon I read a man words that filled me with delight
Later he told me he's condition of health, just wanting to unload all of his hell
He ment so much to me, a light of words when my were lost at sea
I've just read he's last post and comment he made on my work
I've listened to our voice messages from December, saying we should meet up
Now I've learned that will stay in my heart, as he's spirit is a drift
Until we meet on the other side my friend, I'll never drop my pen
You are truly missed already!


  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

    Condolences aw sad to hear of his passing. He was a friend and sent bright nice comments to me and everyone else.

    • Poetic Dan

      Fusions never work for me!

      Thank you for your time, yes his spirit did shine!

      Always appreciated
      Much peace and respect

    • niallprideaux

      Loss is a difficult and big pill to swallow - my condolences xx

      • Poetic Dan

        Been happening from a teen but sadly I didn't really know this gentleman but as a poet on here!

        Makes you think, each post you read could be someone's last!

        Thanks for seeing and giving your time
        Much peace and respect
        Always appreciated

      • Unsub

        He will be sadly missed. Fortunately I have a signed copy of his first book & will treasure that in his memory.

        He had been ill a while but his passing was a shock.


        • Poetic Dan

          Yeah, many lessons learnt from this one day I'll know what it is!

          Always appreciated

        • rrodriguez


          • Poetic Dan

            Thank you, he's still thought of daily!

            • rrodriguez

              Of course! I remember one of our poet that was sick. His name is Augustus. I have not heard from him for a long time.

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            • jarcher54

              Dan, much gratitude for you pointing us to Kevin Browne's poetry. Knowing he was ill gives urgency to his already powerful work. This final stanza of his January 14 "Diary Entry Number ..." is haunting:

              This is my tear and this is what it cries
              Around the block, around another bend
              Another loss, another pain that never dies
              A broken man, a broken heart he'd lend.

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