Another Chance

Another Chance

Never did I plan to pick up, this man again,
To stand, then re:advance to a better chance,
With a beginning, with no beginning, to be given a chance,

It's simple, but seems so basic, to have a pencil with led,
But not the part, to erase it, so the paper then shreds,

No meds can help, this pain within,
A selfish disease the pain is, to never wander, nor spread,

A best friend you would think, to never run off, and leave,
The suffer it causes, makes me cry out, and plead,

No more, please stop, are the thoughts in my head,
Time after time, wondering, where has this lead,

Praying as I pled, as tears then spread,
But I smile, as fail, so Again...Another Chance..

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