By the sea you read my palm,

But by the moon on my thumb

And the stars up above

I see my future without a line,

In the warm obsidian of your eyes.


You make the hours timeless,

The scent of your skin

Is the warmth of a home

Lining my heart with soothing bliss,

I want to live inside your kiss.


There's nowhere I would rather be

Than in the soft dark world

Of your passenger seat;

Your symbol of Aphrodite shines,

Now I pray to her that you'll be mine.


  • Neville

    Ah' yes.. this is what they want..... nice one my friend.... I'm more into slippers and cocoa these days..... sadly..


  • Fay Slimm.

    A perfect and very poetic Valentine which no normal male would be able to resist............. full of delectable imagery make this a lovely read - - thank you Seren.

  • Jon Nakapalau

    Beautiful poem!

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