Kurt Philip Behm

Last Chance (+2)

Dead to himself,

he stepped on the ice


Cracks beginning

to form


Transcendence rejected,

skating a path


In search of time



Crossing each memory,

forgiveness in sight


Each step,

a weighted cost


Redemption melting,

 new hope in denial


Last chance

—to come across


(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2020)



Epiphany's Light


If only genius could be contagious,

like chicken pox or flu


If only brilliance could be transferred,

like a bank draft overdue


If only insight could be replayed,

like a Mozart symphony


Then epiphany’s light would shine on all

—in communal rhapsody


(Ashbridge Pennsylvania: February, 2020)



The Boat Rocks


Nothing more defended

than the status quo


To protect and covet,

never let go


Attacked by outsiders,

heels to dig in


Rocking the boat

—water within


(Ashbridge Pennsylvania: February, 2020)


  • Laura


    As I’m reading “Last Chance”,
    Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” keeps on playing in my head!
    The ‘Last Chance’ for this ‘Last Dance’ in life. Let’s make the best of it!
    I like the sound of that!
    A wonderful write! You never disappoint me with your writes!


  • Kurt Philip Behm

    Very kind, thanks. I try...


    • Laura

      You’re succeeding!🤗

    • Laura


      • “The Boat Rocks”
      Yes, that boat does rock from time to time!
      There you go, once again, not disappointing with this relatable write!


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