Maxine Smith

It’s okay not to be okay ❤️

The silent killer

The unheard screams

The suffocating tear drops

Pulls me down to my knees


The pretence of normality

Self isolation and misunderstood

The pain of my hollow reality

Mortified of who I’ve become


A tear with each footstep

A feared notion with each breath

My heart pounds as it bleeds

My sore mind just needs to rest



    HOLA MAXINE - COMO ESTAS ? We quite agree ! Often when people ask us *Como estas Tu ?* we often reply - *Im OK !* when inside we are dying. The next two months are very stressful for us because we*re getting married - buying a House etc etc ! So if anyone asks *Como estas Tu ?* we*ll tell it like it is and hope for a bit of empathy !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy always
    Amor - Angela & Brian 💛💛💛💛💛

  • Neville

    This is a great poem my friend and one which I know many will be able relate to... I suspect that those same sufferers will feel better knowing that they are not alone...

    All Good Things,


    • Maxine Smith

      Thank you so much for the read and the wise words, the one saving grace is when you realised that you are not alone.

    • Laura


      I feel your words through and through! It is refreshing to be able to recognize and admit when we don’t feel well! That is part of the healing process...I suppose!

      A much appreciated and wonderful write!


      • Maxine Smith

        And a much appreciated response Laura.

        Thank you so much, lovely to hear from you again.


      • Alan .S. Jeeves

        Well done for writing this Maxine. Helpful to others I think,
        Take it easy.

        Ex animo, Alan

        • Maxine Smith

          Thanks so much Alan.

        • Unsub

          The image is like the mantra I chant before sleep.

          Powerful write.


          • Maxine Smith

            Thanks for the read.

          • Saxon Crow

            Hey Maxine. Awesomelly relatable poem. And yes, it is perfectly normal to feel every emotion of the spectrum. Whoever says otherwise clesrly isnt a human being!

            • Maxine Smith

              Thank you very much, glad you liked the read.

            • Goldfinch60

              Those times come to us all Maxine but they can be dispersed in time and in the flow of words written on the page.


              • Maxine Smith

                Thanks Andy.

                And hopefully time will heal ....

              • Poetic Dan

                Wow felt this to my core, keep riding those waves as one day you will be soaring high. To look back at your rhymes and know that it's now better times

                Much peace and respect

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