Adrianna Kjeld

Back In The Groove

A friend of mine asked me to write again,
something of a foreign language to me now.
Something time has not recently allowed. 

So much about me has grown.
Oh my, how I've lost my word-wise flow. 
My way with words has gone so sour, 
but as my love has convinced me, "I've got the powaaa",
you KNOW what song I'm singing,
hope it doesn't stick in your ears like torturous ringing. 

In high school my writing teacher told me to experiment. 
Since then, with my writing I've tried,
but my writing is what you read 
my writing is what you see
I like to rhyme.
I like to see.

There's only so much time I can put into each stanza 
My ADD wired brain, strays to thoughts of BONANZA 
I shake my head at this silly  stanza...
but what can I say?
Writing is my very own extravaganza.

Please excuse me if this is a little rough.
My life most recently has been just a bit tough.
I'd like to get back in my same old groove 
so I can seem much less gruff-
to get through all my emotions and back in touch.

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