Once you've felt it, suffered it, endured it
It never really goes away
It waits for you
On the cold side of the bed
In the dark corners of your room
It waits for you
To be alone in the bath
It waits for you

It lays dormant
In the part of your brain you try so desperately to forget
It lays silent
In the scars on your wrists
It lays dry
In the ink on your suicide note

It stains everything
Your memories from years of your life
Your heart
Your happiness
Your life

Once infected it's yours for life

The big I in depressIon makes you suffer alone.


  • dusk arising

    Yep, so many people reside within their depressive state. Often we see the writing it produces here on MPS which is hopefully therapeutic. Great to see them lifting out of it though and writing about brighter moments.

  • Saxon Crow

    Yep, depression is the best friend you never wanted!

  • myself and me

    Yes. Depression is like ghost. The last sentence says all. Well done.

  • Gino

    Fine write Georgiarous101. A few of my poems have to do with depression. You captured very well the darker side of feeling wrapped with emotion like there is no one to embrace your sadness away...

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