Pardon mine allegiance to infidelity

Unfaithful marital transgressions

self admitted indictment,

crime and punishment,

no longer think high lee

entailing no mister re: demeanors,

I searingly weathered

(George by bushed, albeit thankfully,

no unwanted child left behind),

nonetheless one unforgettable

indelible, execrable, and abominable

professedly owned his

civil warring battle of life


transgressions undeservedly heaped

(Uriah hit about that)

(carnal feral hormonally seething

gone astray nightwalks)

woven by basket of deplorable

emotionally painful selfish object lesson


forever etched upon mine psyche

(left by one bobbing sponge -

cheeses crust station of his life

within sea of human life now

affixes moniker re: mister crabs)

inflicted courtesy yours truly


said marital indiscretion (philandering)

one among many issues discussed,

during treatment plan earlier today

February eighteenth 2020

concerning complex edifice

regarding mein kampf


existential bleak house

(figuratively crowded cheek to jowl)

with and hard times

fraught with many

unattained great expectations

unwittingly accepts psychological fallout


(among kissing kith and kin,

a shellfish chicken and hen thing for sure),

despite years elapsed ex post facto

deploying, incorporating, narrating, signifying...

narcissistic, opportunistic, and phlegmatic

self incriminating doom

visualize deus ex machina


betrayal rendered adopted smugness

invariably set in motion domino effect,

whereby emotional alienation

devastation, humiliation, maturation, suppuration

(yoking impossible mission

to shuck off penitence, the price to pay),


thus rightfully, truthfully, and veritably...

ably, readily, and willingly

allowing, enabling, and providing

incomplete resolution, (hence iresolution)

thwarting rancor thy deux daughters

(livingsocial many time zones distant)

embark quest to guide their own


metaphorical maiden voyaging ships of state

countless transpired hours

at counseling facility, where poetic papa

aired and mulled over bothersome

anguish to complete requisite treatment plan

to receive psychiatric appointment

next (and last) Tuesday of February 2020.



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