You have no friends for company

So you entertain your transparent ghosts

Together you walk hand in hand

With your translucent hosts


They feed you words of violence

Used to break the perfect silence


You stare at the walls in misery

So you listen to your invisible demons

Together you talk face to face

With your crystalline fiends


Their lies you happily spread

Open their mouths to be spoon-fed


When you try to tell the truth

You choke & splutter

But when you tell your lies

They slip from your tongue like butter


When you try to tell the truth

You cough & stutter

But when you tell your lies

They slide out with each word you utter


You have no friends for company

So you listen to your transparent fiends

Together you speak mouth to mouth

With your translucent demons


They feed you words of violence

Used to crack the tranquil silence


You stare at the walls in misery

So you entertain your invisible hosts

Together you sleep arm in arm

With your crystalline ghosts


Their lies you defiantly spread

Open their mouths to be force-fed


With your Ghosts & Hosts

& your Demons & Fiends

Your every Word of Violence

Is now finally met with our Silence


© 2020 Unsub



    “Silence is Golden” they say. I wish those demons in the alcohol last night would be silent today. I lied to myself thinking I’d recover. My only friend is another bottle!

    Superb and appropriate piece.

    • Unsub


      They shouldn't say it; they are supposed to be silent!

      Another bottle is not your friend; you have NO friends.

      I do agree my poem is superb & appropriate; most honest comment you've ever given me. Luckliy I do not have an ego so it won't go to my beautifully constructed head.


    • orchidee

      Aww, I was about to sing, then you said and write about the word I hate to hear: Silence! heehee

      • Unsub

        This page is my library! SILENCE!


      • Saxon Crow

        Shhhhh! No shouting in my head!

        • Unsub

          Yes please do keep it down!


        • Laura


          A very interesting and
          intriguing piece of writing!
          Reading between the lines
          was most enjoyable! 😉

          In reading “Silence “,
          the mental screams
          were deafening!

          You’re a master at
          conveying a message!

          Well done!

          As always...


          • Unsub


            always a little layer just beneath the surface.

            A master? Oh ok I'll take that. Ego happily inflated for the day! LOL!



          • Alan .S. Jeeves

            I have to say I like rhyming poetry Dan. The words here slip from your mouth like butter.

            Ex animo, Alan

            • Unsub


              well it's written as a lyric so the rhyming sequence made it easier to perform vocally & works better to a specific tempo.



            • dusk arising

              Story of my life m8..... the smile is superficial

              • Unsub


                well obviously you were my inspiration for this one! LOL!

                I did paint a superficial smile on this morning but the rain has washed it away so back to grumpy mumpy!


              • Goldfinch60

                With those transparent ghosts around you at least you can see the light through them and when they move that light will shine on you in harmony and rhythm.


                • Unsub


                  bugger off! This is supposed to dark & here you go again finding light in the darkest recesses...again!! LOL!

                  I like the idea of light shining on me in harmony & rhythm though; I shall think about that when it's recorded.

                  Have a great day my friend,


                  • Goldfinch60

                    Harmony and rhythm are a fine part of our lives.


                  • sylviasearcher

                    This made me feel like playing with the demons in my head, because they are my only real friends and at least it is better than the silence outside...

                    • Unsub


                      the demons in my head help create the words I write; you know when an angel pops in to scare them off because I write a mushy love poem for Carys!! LOL!

                      I am quite comfortable with the demons in my head; we have some great conversations & laughs together.

                      Thanks for dropping in to read & comment. Hope the storms are not affecting you too much!


                    • Dove

                      pretty hip jingle unsub,

                      you can butter my toast with lies
                      But truths doesn’t attract flies,
                      Just being silly!

                      Love the butter stanza!

                      • Unsub


                        I’ll butter your toast with lies it that works for you; personally I add a little peanut butter to soften the sourness of my words! Lol!


                      • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

                        Wow..ivebeen there before many times...i can relate personally and also can associate or w many drug addicts and fiends who I have known..great body of work ...you never write anything bad though...xxxxooo

                        • Unsub


                          You just never see my bad writing! For every good piece there are 20 bad ones!


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