Nothing wrong with fucking. That’s what humanity does best.


  • RiverJordan

    Well said, haha


      I do enjoy fucking; it’s a culmination of all our emotions.

      Thanks River for flowing by.

    • The Uneducated O.A.P

      Especially when it comes to the planet. Like your style. Short and sweet Have a good un. Bill

      • LAWLESS

        All creatures fuck. It’s a lot of fun!

        Havin’ a good un, now go do some fucking fucking. Sweet of you to stop by Bill.

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          May your rod remain ever rigid ! Cheers, Bill

        • Saxon Crow

          Short, sweet, straight to the point. And completely fucking true...... wonder what Keats would say haha

          • LAWLESS

            This piece is open ended. I’ll leave it to the reader to decipher. I have five meanings at last count.

            John Keats might’ve said “You bloody fucking wanker, you’re an idiot!”

          • Michael Edwards

            Especially with someone else - nice one.

            • LAWLESS

              We fuck and create the fucked.

              Thanks Mikey for calling this one nice. Certainly it’s not for others.

            • Goldfinch60

              So true.

              • LAWLESS

                The truth is, I’m really good at it!

                Pleased you popped in.

              • orchidee

                Woof! Fido would be a wet blanket, and dampen any fervent emotions! heehee.
                Now, why you barking, Fido? The poem IS marked 18+. lol.

                • LAWLESS

                  Hope your pup is fixed; it would be awful to have his jizz on your leg!

                • Unsub


                  Not keen on your rhyming structure or haiku structure. Other than that I fucking loved it!


                  • LAWLESS

                    It’s more of a highly philosophical piece.

                    I fucking love you man!

                    • Unsub


                      well done spelling philosophical correctly. We can work out what it means next week.


                      ps. Love you more!

                    • Dove

                      Mankind will do what is pleasurable
                      Instinctually, with practice comes


                      • LAWLESS

                        I guess I’m not practicing enough. I’m about as far away from perfection as you can get!

                        Thanks for flying by Dove.

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