Bitter End

Lined up bumper to bumper 

American society 

Heading to the slaughter 

Choking on its own vomit 

Debts that’ll never be paid

Gluttonous beasts

Wallowing in decay

Anxiety ridden 

Pill-popping fools

Suffering everyday 

False paradises

Man-made hells

Disillusioned dreams 

Self-inflicted nightmares 

Bowing down to corruption 

On their knees worshiping...

The vacuum of technology 

Plagued by consumption 

Praying for redemption 

This society will meet...

Its bitter end






  • Saxon Crow

    Its not just America,my friend.


      Sadly you are correct.

      Thanks for flying by crow.

    • Goldfinch60

      I do wish you wouldn't beat around the bush Lawless. LOL


      • LAWLESS

        The bush is dead from pollution!

        Thanks Andy for enduring this bitter piece.

      • orchidee

        I can't get used to that pic L. I have to remember it's not you!

        • LAWLESS

          It is me. See what climate change will do to a person!

        • Unsub


          the Sleepers will never wake from their nightmare.

          This reads like my bucket list!

          Nice collection of images that covers the majority.


          • LAWLESS


            I couldn’t agree more with your first statement. Luckily I have witnessed the glory of this earth. My son and I have bicycled extensively throughout the Rocky Mountains. People need to see the beauty of nature before it’s too late. Maybe then they could take measures to restore this planet.

            Thanks for seeing this one and the fave.


            • Unsub


              did I fave? Meant to click REPORT. Oh well shit happens & that's normally when you put crayon to paper.


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            • ron parrish aka wordman

              you painted an image of today's society,,it was designed this way,we work to barely get by,we ok congress bills just to use against us

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