Gary Edward Geraci

X-ray Machines

Could the sun consist of a hundred-thousand

Dusty X-ray tubes precisely arranged

And changed by angels on high?  But then where

Would the entirety of it plug in to?


We’re like willing children arranging LEGO

Blocks into shapes of rocks and boulders and

In the spirit of confectioners selling

Slow-growth, soulless, spindly-plant shaped from nuts,

Raisins, shaved ice, and sweet gelatinous

Globs formed into the shape of fruit; the minds

Of mad scientists constructing ‘people

Friendly’ cloned organs and body parts, peeling

Back and peering into, prodding and poking.


But the Great Orderer, through human hands, can order

The molecules of wheat and grape to an end

Entirely new and divine - the surety

Of our salvation - Food - Your Presence amongst us!


Gary Edward Geraci


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