Who Am I

Who Am I??

Who am I, who are you, to ask me such questions,

To tell me to look, sit down, what a lesson,

To hush, what do I do, just let you get hurt,
For me to not warn you, would it really be worth,

The times we walk, together on foot,
Even days when its cold, I sat there, and shook,

The mailman is coming, why is he here?
To take you, I'll yell, until he flees, and disappears,

Sometimes he gets lucky, thanks to this leash,
But my best friend, and owner, is still here in peace,

I'm let back inside, finally lunch,
Kibbles, and bits, whatever it's such,

Amazingly time spent, at the end I can say,
Outside, then back in, on your lap, I'll lay,

If i may, ask you this question, end this madness...so,
If you can guess WHO I AM, please let me know...

  • Author: Raymond Jones (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 23rd, 2020 15:18
  • Category: Children
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