I know, I told you I am alright


It get worse every night

My thoughts get louder


my words subside

I Wake up crying in the middle of the night

But, It's okay.. I am alright

Your words changed,none of your promises remained,

I feel the distance in your voice

Suddenly I am just a stranger in your life

It hurts, it breaks me up inside

I know time will ease the pain


It feels like I am stuck

And all this is in vain


  • myself and me

    Are you really alright? Well done.

    • Nemo

      Well atleast I appear to be.
      Thank you 🌹

    • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

      It's such an awesome lyrical appealing poem and you expressed in superb rhyme scheme wow. The angst and pain in a very poetic awesome way that you did is what counts as love probs are so common but not everyone has such talent. Kudos for this poem in superb rhyme scheme.

      Pls Pleez do read and comment my newest poem too!

      • Nemo

        Thank you 🌹
        Will do 👍

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