Chanel T.



Wake up....approach the day. Go off to work, put on a big smile...don’t let them see you frown...don’t let your guard down.


Mission accomplished. Go home, wind down. Then welcome silence back in. Welcome loneliness back in. They have been up patiently waiting for your return.


Stare straight ahead at the blank white wall as they try to consume you. Try to push them away with music and social media.


That is only a little fix until it is time for bed. Endless flicks of your past begin to play....was it my fault? Was it their fault? Either way you toss and turn all through the night.


You must, write, sing...anything to fight these dark times. Everything will be ok...because the mind is in control of everything. Let it know what you want to feel....and you should be on the right will always be in charge of yourself..... (Always) not them, not it...(you) chose your peace.


                        Be happy. Breath.


  • SheWasTheSun

    This really resonated with me, thanks for sharing!

    • Chanel T.

      Thank you so much 🙂

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