Many Are Great; Few Are Good

Ah yes,
the famous slash infamous,
yet could not be more true,
Romans 1:24-28...
It is among,
the most controversial,
set of Bible scriptures,
and a go to argument,
for Christians,
and non-Christians alike.
Yet it has changed,
the perspective,
of so many lives.
It has shed so much light,
and has given,
so much truth.
It is a prequel,
to Romans 2,
and yet,
so many people,
have refused,
to finish reading it.
People constantly,
try to find some way,
to twist it's meaning.
I suppose,
what seems strangest,
is the fact,
that everyone,
that does go against,
these set of scriptures -
the ones who have read them,
and those who have not -
know them,
to be true.
Many in this world -
by this world,
are considered,
to be great.
Few are truely good.

The situation was the same before
The first Century when PAUL wrote to the
Church @ Rome & it is the same TODAY !
And it will be the same TOMORROW !!
We*re individually responsible
Before GOD and SOCIETY for our
OWN ActionS & Lifestyle - C*est la Vie !

Brittle reed stalk that doth comprise the corporeal essence of thyself and others within the primate family i.e. Homo sapiens vulnerable to temptation that passeth in close proximity to eyes, ears, nose, tongue and fingers. Without forbidding denunciation against sensate gratification, the ordinary human poised to strike toward buzzfeeding (courtesy fancy feast) upon verboten fruit without fear of punishment, though interesting to yours truly such animal, carnal, feral, gonadal, hormonal... propensity granted blessing when bride and groom pledge their troth.
Methinks what logic allows, enables, and provides appeasement of physical intimacy, when those professionals who (trained as avowed licensed marriage practitioners) bestow greenlight kickstarting linkedin plenti shutterflying, twittering, among uber yahoos.

Amongst the tweets within those returned
I like to think
I like to like
I like to share
I love to bare
bare it all without deceit
I face the time
time to retweet
Amongst the weary and travelled
around that world wide.
complexing sets of data
nowhere left to hide
within all thats shared
made all too clear to see
perplexed and confused
this to me

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